Our Logo

  • The Cross- The Cross has been, and continues to be, the most important symbol of the Christian life. It was by the cross that God reconciled humans to himself. We are called to believe and receive God's salvation made possible for us by Jesus' sacrifice on the cross. The cross is “foolishness to humans” that has become “the wisdom of God.” Further, we are called to take up our cross and follow him. Our lives as believers are to be "cruciform." We follow the way of the cross.
  • Celtic Cross- The Celtic Cross communicates our historical bearings as a church. The church is not a new thing. Our worship, and especially our Anglican worship, is rooted in a deep and rich history. The Spirit has been moving in the church for 2000 years. Further, the Celtic church was centered in Britain and Ireland, which connects us to our Anglican heritage. Additionally, Celtic monks were responsible for the preservation of the gospel (through its writings) in their small little monasteries, especially in dark times... We hope the Lord will use King of Kings to preserve and spread his gospel even though we're small, and the times may be dark.
  • The Color Red- Red is the color of the blood which Jesus shed for us. This blood cleanses us, frees us, and marks us as his own people forever. The blood of THIS lamb has been painted on our hearts, his judgment will pass over us. Red is also the color of love. His blood being shed was the deepest act of love in human history. He calls us to live as a community marked by love for one another.
  • Charlotte- You'll notice that the word "Charlotte" appears under the title of our church. Christ cares deeply about his church in cities (see Rev 2-3). We are part of the church of Jesus in Charlotte. God also tells believers to seek the welfare of the city in which they are living (Jer 29:4-9). Our little church has a mission to fulfill to the city of Charlotte. It is the church which preserves and flavors (salt), as well as enlightens and keeps from darkness (light) the city and the nations of the world. We are truly salt and light to Charlotte and beyond. Further, the name "King of Kings" stands above Charlotte. Cities, while they can be wonderful places of human progress and culture, also represent, in the Bible, the independence of humans beings from God (see Babel and Babylon). Seeing the "King of Kings" above Charlotte reminds us that there is only one king, Jesus, who stands above the powers of this world. Its institutions, systems, leaders, cultures, and people groups must submit to the one final authority. Our mission to Charlotte and to the world is to proclaim the sovereign authority of Christ above everything. Submission to him is the only way of freedom, salvation, and true life.
  • Wax Seal- You'll notice that the Celtic cross is made to look like a wax seal of a King. He has sealed each of us, and our community, with the sign of the cross. By that seal we are saved and our futures are guaranteed. The Holy Spirit is often spoken of as God's seal on us in scripture (Eph 1:13, 4:30). The wax seal reminds us of this powerful truth and points us to the sometimes hidden, but powerful work of the Spirit in our lives. In everything the Spirit does, he points to Christ. Further, the wax seal represents authority given by the king. Christ has given us his authority to be his church, to be priests and ambassadors for him, ministering to the world in his name.