Our Logo


“The net” - our new logo - has layers of meaning to unpack. For starters, it is a nautical image reminding us that Jesus calls us to be fishers of men (people). In addition, the Church has often been understood as a new Ark of sorts, a massive boat braving the seas of human culture in order to bring people to salvation in Jesus. The Ark is a powerful, salvific image of rescue, courage, and action. The net design reflects our growing commitment to mission and gives us something to aim for and grow into as a church. 

Look closer and you will notice that the net is composed of crosses of various sizes and shapes. It’s a reminder of the power, sufficiency, and foundational nature of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  In this particular iteration of our logo - which strongly evokes the Jerusalem Cross - you see a large central cross surrounded by 4 smaller ones.  This symbolized the Gospel going out to the 4 corners of the earth (north, south, east and west) via the 4 evangelists (John, Luke, Mark, and Matthew). 

We have included "Anglican Church" in the logo. Part of the Anglican Church in North America, we are Christians worshipping in the Anglican tradition—a church of the Spirit, Sacrament, and Scripture. As the only Anglican Church in the Charlotte city limits, we believe it’s important to more fully embrace our Anglican heritage and express it more clearly moving forward.