Our Plumb Line

As we replant in East Charlotte, these are the values that define, guide and shape our fellowship: 


Moving forward, we're focusing on carefully defining - and living out - our corporate mission as a church. While this most certainly means brining others to saving faith in Jesus, a Biblical call to mission is also holistic and includes hospitality, acts of mercy and laboring against injustice in areas like racial reconciliation. We are committed to being a redemptive presence in Charlotte...to being the presence of Christ “for the life of the world.” Our new logo expresses our clear intentions in response to God’s call in this crucial area of ministry. We believe that location (place) can and should drive mission. As the Lord leads us to a new location, our mission will begin to take shape in specific, Spirit-directed ways.


Following Jesus always involves risk. His call always asks more faith of us than we possess, which seems to be part of God’s design. Will we follow Jesus out of the boat and into the open water or will we remain in the place of safety, further away from Him? We desire to trust the Lord with the whole of our lives and to step forward in faith as He calls, even when the future seems uncertain or unclear - or even scary. We believe that when God calls, He provides. We want to live into that reality as we move forward. In other words, we won’t allow caution to short-circuit or subjugate faith in the life of our congregation.       


We want to more fully “own" this part of our rich heritage moving forward. We’re part of the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA), the vibrant, orthodox expression of Anglicanism in the US. You’ll also notice our new logo identifies us as an Anglican Church, which is a distinctive in a heavily churched city like Charlotte. While we’re neither high church nor low church, we seek to live somewhere in between. We seek to embrace the best of global Anglicanism - empowered by the Spirit, grounded in Scripture, and formed by Sacrament.


We also believe that God is active and working in other places outside the Anglican Church. This understanding helps us not to lose sight of “the big picture” of what God is doing locally and globally. It keeps us from being too insular or too sectarian, and this posture of heart keeps us humble and generous. Being Kingdom-Minded means we will seek to forge fruitful partnerships with other organizations and ministries who are already doing good work, both here and abroad. It’s about working smarter - not harder - by working together.  

Cruciform Living

Cruciform Living is another way of saying we want to have a more Christ-shaped community. While the previous values tend to have more of an outward focus, cruciform living focuses on how we relate to one another in our church. It means we’re committed to transformation, to relationships, and to "doing community” in a Biblical way.

  • Spiritual Health: We will be committed to growth and to actively practicing forgiveness, reconciliation, love, generosity, peace-making, handling conflict well, and so on. We’re committed to spiritual transformation over stagnation and to the belief that God intends to renovate every aspect of our lives.
  • Disciple-Formation: Biblical knowledge and/or right doctrine has never been enough to change the human heart. A person can know a lot about God, but not know Him at all. We need to “taste and see that the Lord is good" - that’s what transforms us. Moving forward, we want to focus on cultivating lifelong disciples who are committed to growing in Jesus and to helping others do the same. Disciples are formed over time, and we all need brothers and sisters alongside us in our faith journey. So we’ll be looking for more fruitful practices and rhythms to enable us to disciple and to be discipled.
  • Essential Koinonia (Fellowship): Christian community is the living lab where we work things out in relationship. It holds the actual promise of intimacy, friendship, and some much needed play. We share in our joys and triumphs together - and we also partake of our struggles, sorrows, and doubts together. This is a sweet, rare privilege that’s not to be wasted or underestimated. Once you taste of the depth of Christian community, you’ll find it hard to go without it! Thus, we’re committing ourselves to living out our faith together in more intentional ways.      



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